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Tuesday, June 07, 2005

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Hello From Justin

Hello From Justin

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Star Wars III Review

I love Star Wars, but I refused to become overly obsessed with it. I loved the movies Star Wars and the Empire Strikes back and thought the others were all OK. But this one is the one I have been waiting for---and damned it if didn't deliver. It was action-packed from begining to end, only slowing down to establish dialogue. It has one of this longest sword fighting scenes in movies and brilliantly shows the downfall of the tragic hero Anakin Skywalker and the rise of Dark Vader. Not a Star Wars fan, no problem. It's not required to have seen any of the other 5 movies to follow the plot. Here's the catch though. If you have kids there is something about this movie you should know. Episodes IV, V, and VI were done in the late 70s/early 80s. Episodes I and II were done in 99 and 2002. These movies are all good kids' movies. This one is not. It is rated PG-13 and there is a reason. The violence is overwhelming to some kids. The is a scene early in the film where a decapitaion takes place. Children (yes children) are even killed in one scene. While this scene does not actually show the killings themselves it shows the horrifying moment where the children are about the be killed and is later confirmed by someone reviewing a recording later in the film. My own children would not have been allowed to see this had they been just a little younger. They handled the film just fine, even though they were amazed at how horrifying the scene involving the children's deaths had been even though no viloent act was even shown there. Oh yeah and there is someone who is burned severely... Your kids can always see this when they get a little older like 9 or 10(5 and 6 year olds should NOT be seeing this movie). Oh yes and contrary to popular believe Jar Jar is in this movie. He has no speaking role and was not even noticed by most people.

Wednesday, January 26, 2005

21 and over only? what about 18-21?

Last April I was at the Playboy Club Tour in Tampa. I spoke to a friend of mine afterward that had tickets that she paid over $300 for and was not allowed to go in because she was only 19. I find this shocking that a magazine available to anyone over 18 could have an even that was 21 and over only. Why? Because they were promoting alchohol. Our society needs to grow up more than the 18-21 crowd does. I find it ludicrous that we allow anyone 18 and up to enlist in the military so that they can die in a war and then tell that same individual (an adult no less) that they aren't smart enough to drink. Let us not forget that if that individual is a male they are FORCED to register for the draft.

The Death of Dimebag Darrel

It has been more than a month now since the death of legendary Pantera/Damageplan guitarist Dimebag Darrel Abbott. It is still very incomprehensible that such a thing could happen in post September 11th society. What is even more shocking is that this event happened in the Metal communitary. Despite the reputations of the Metal community as a violent one, I have found the truth to be quite the opposite. The music may take about violence, violence my be seen in the mosh pits and it may appear on the surface that hatred dominates this scene. But a deeper delve into the industry would reveal a tight-knit community thriving on comradery. The outcry and shock expressed by the Metal community is evident to anyone that cares to read any quotes from anyone within the Metal community.

To me this death is also disturbing on a personal level because I had seen the band in a small club almost six weeks before the incident. I was right up front. Ironically I was there mainly to see one of my favorite bands, Shadows Fall, but had decided to catch a couple of songs from Damageplan before I had to leave for work. I was impressed, but had to leave for work after only 4 songs. I thought to myself that I would have to see this band play next time they were in town. This is from someone who has been into Metal music for many years but never really got into Pantera at the time. After listening to a couple of Pantera albums recently, it became apparent to me the influence that the band has had on the bands that have emerged in recent years (the last 2 years especially). Unfortunately there will be no next time. But most frightning of all is that this even could have happened right in front of me because the club he was shot in was not much different than the club I saw them in. I don't blame the club, and I don't blame the family of the killer--they have suffered a loss also. We should take a really good look at the fan and he bodyguard that were killed trying to save his life. A fan was shot while trying to help his hero. A bodyguard was called to the ultimate test. He often said he would take a bullet for them and unfortunately he got to prove this. On that day we were all just people who had lost and never will have an answer as to WHY...



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Thursday, December 16, 2004

One week since Darrel's Death

Thursday December 16, 2004
It has now been over a week since the concert shooting. I am still in shock that such a thing could happen in a post September 11th world. Of all the days for it to happen on Dec. 8, the anniversery of John Lennon being shot and killed. These last few years have been hard on the music world. The Rap/Hip Hop world lost 3 members and metal has lost so many. Texas metal has lost both Dave Williams of Drowning Pool and Dimebag Darrell. We even lost a fans at a Shadows Fall concert here in Tampa Bay last year. In this shooting we lost 3 other lives of those trying to save Dimebag (not including that of the killer). Why? I had been at a Korn concert the night before. Security was pretty tight there because it was at a big venue (which now may be shut down for noise violations at the Korn concert--it made national news). I never expected anything dangerous to happen in a small club. I went to the Devastation Across the Nation show in Tampa (Ybor City) on October 28, 2004. I went there to see Shadows Fall and had to leave early, but something told me I should stick around for a couple songs from Damageplan. I stayed for 4 songs, but then I had to leave. I was right up near the front in a small club like the one in Ohio. I thought to myself, I missed Damageplan because I got sick in April (Livestock/Headbanger's Ball show) and now I've got to leave early, but I will go see them when they play later. There will never be a later. I was never really a big Damageplan or Pantera fan before the shows, but seeing them play was something else. I am horrified that this happened at a small club. I am saddened that this happened right in front of his brother. My thoughts go out to friends, family, and fans. Both Headbanger's Ball and Uranium did a really good job on their tribute shows. Juliya (of Uranium) appeared to have a really hard time with this as did Dave Mustaine (who filled in for Jamie on HB). I am sure that Metal Masters will do the same after the holidays. This is all just so hard to believe.